Wednesday, 10 July 2013

That Sucks!!!!

Ok so I recently acquired a vacuum chamber and, after all the paperwork and health & safety I finally had the chance to give it a go! Heres our first offering, Watermelon! I heard that if you vac pack it the the flavour is enhanced. Not only that but also the colour is so much more vibrant and the structure changes too!! Ill be using it on other things obviously and post about those too! And its not just about flavours, I have been advised by our local E.H.O that vacuum packed products have a chilled storage life of 10 days rather than the 3 we normally allow. So remember that bit of roast turkey you had??? Whack it in a bag and vac it!!! Im not gonna lie professional versions ain't cheap but worth every penny! Check out Mike Bass and his gear!! Heres some pics. See if you can guess which ones are not under vacuum?

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