Friday, 20 December 2013

Our Christmas Dinner with a Twist!!

As you all know by now im not one for all the traditional goings on and christmas is no exception!!

Last year we only really broke from tradition by changing the dessert. this year we had a complete overhaul, and to be honest I wasnt sure how it would be received myself!!

Planning the menu took a good few weeks, just to get my head around what it is I wanted to do with it. And with inspiration from Mark Taylor at Premier Foods Service for the main (Turkey Wellington with something called Paxo inside!) I was well away!!

Heres the menu.

Homemade Duck Spring Rolls
Turkey Wellington
(Turkey Escalope coated in Paxo and filled with homemade cranberry Sauce)
Honey Roast Parsnips
Baton Carrots
Roast Potatoes
Turkey Gravy

Festive Cheesecake
(Homemade Orange Shortbread base topped with a Christmas Pudding inspired cheesecake and garnished with Cherry Brandy Sauce and Mango Coulis)

Massive thanks to all my team and the staff at the school for helping out to make this night such a massive and unexpected success!!
Also special thanks to my boss Janet Brown for letting me do what I do and Danny Wallace and the guys at Sheringhams for their exceptional quality vegetables and service.
Cheers guys its been wicked.