Saturday, 18 January 2014

How to make Popcorn Pannacotta

As you know I like taking a dish and putting my own spin on things and it doesn't stop at dessert!!
This dish is far easier than it sounds but tastes great!
It does take a bit of time but well worth the effort!
So I popped my own sweet popcorn on the stove.
Get the deepest pan you have and chuck in your popcorn kernels so they cover the bottom. Now glug some oil in so they are just covered and sprinkle with sugar.
On a medium heat start to warm the pan shaking every now and then, when the first one pops get your lid on straight away and keep shaking until the popping stops.
First job done, now Pannacotta.
You need
1 litre cream
Sugar to taste
6 sheets gelatin
Take a litre of cream and gently warm through with some of that popcorn you made. Keep tasting until the popcorn flavour comes through and add sugar if you need it.
While thats infusing chuck your gelatin in cold water as per packet instructions.
After 5 minutes drain off the gelatin and squeeze all the water out.
Add this to your infused cream, stir in and then pass through a seive to remove the popcorn.
Pour into moulds and fridge until set.
Job done!!
I served mine with salted caramel sauce and some left over popcorn!

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Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic could do with a spoonfull of this!