Saturday, 8 June 2013

leavers dinner

As its nearing the last day of school for the year 13 boarders we thought it would be good to give them a special meal, historically its been a BBQ, but with the weather being terrible I thought it would be nice to give a proper 3 course meal. So with my starter inspired by my love of Indian food, the main a poshed up steak and chips and every chef pudding nemesis the chocolate fondant the night went better than expected!!

Here's the menu and pics.


Tandoori chicken ravioli with Dahl mint yoghurt, micro coriander and truffle oil

Massive thanks to Nisha Katona my new twitter buddy for inspiring the pasta!!!


Sous vide steak with pomme neuf balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes and a horse radish cream.


Chocolate fondant with cardamom infused ice cream.

Again massive thanks to all the staff involved in making it a night to remember.

I'd also just like thank you all for helping make our state run boarding school "outstanding" by ofsted standards, the food we produce on our budget and the standards we set ourselves are nothing short of amazing and the hard work you all put in doesn't go unnoticed.