Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beef Curry

Before me came the open the jar sauce and add meat, bit different now!! Here is my way.

How much you use depends on how you like it, can be hit and miss at first but if you trust your instincts it will be fine. 
I like to fry my onion chilli garlic and caraway seeds (caraway gives a fuller body) then add your meat. When the meat is sealed whack in some garam masala ginger, mild madras curry powder and stock is essential in everything you cook you could make your own but cubes or powdered is just as good so chuck some in of your chosen meat or use vegetable stock. The stock rounds off all the spices making it easier to balance. Add a can of chopped tomatoes simmer and job done. I garnish mine with roasted peppers coriander and shiso cress. 

Rice now

In your pan fry your chosen amount of dry rice let's say a cup in oil until the rice starts talking to you (makes a sizzling clicking noise) then add double the water, bring to the boil, lid on then off the heat and leave it till the water has been absorbed. You can get adventurous and fry onion and peas too and use stock instead of water.

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