Monday, 10 December 2012

Bangra Burgers

OK so it being Monday and all that brings I decided to bang out a few Bangra Burgers for lunch, basically an Indian inspired burger. ( I love a twist ). Truth be told I was asked by my boss to help her out a bit with recipes, I made two types Balti Beef and Keema Lamb, not enough for me to just make the burger so I made garlic naan inspired buns and a roasted pepper chutney garnished with fresh coriander and shiso cress.

So for the naan

My previous bread roll mix with added garlic powder and caraway seeds, when shaping the rolls you need to flatten them so they are about 1cm thick, this makes it look more naan like.

Balti Beef Burger

I used 5 kilo of beef mince and got 75 burgers.

This paste I used as a base for both burgers.

In a blender I put 7 green chillis

5 red chillis

1 bulb of garlic

A thumb size chunk of root ginger

2 onions

Mix half the paste with your beef and add 4 eggs, give it a good mix and chuck in some mild madras curry powder. Shape in to burgers and cook on 180c till cooked.

Keema Lamb Burger

So same as the beef but I used ground cumin ground coriander and garam masala instead of curry powder.

I was torn between serving them with fries or basmati rice so went for the rice. Whatever you choose you'll love these bad boys. Enjoy!!

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