Sunday, 24 November 2013

Micro herbs in a school???

Just wanted to say a bit about micro herbs and why I use them in a school!!
Micro herbs/Sakura cress are more commonly found in your high end fine dining restaurants and I think that has put chefs in my position off the idea of using them.
Yes the price might seem extravagant but the flavour and colours you get from them are amazing!!
A tray of Sakura cress costs me around £13. Don't get me wrong it is alot for just a garnish but a box will last me for 2 services so around 180 plates.
Now it sounds better, right??
Not only that but it really enhances the look of the dish. As chefs we are always taught you eat with your eyes first.
If you get chance to get some of these bad boys grab them!! Its not as expensive as you think!!

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