Sunday, 28 October 2012


Everyone that has children will know that the pumpkin is the second most fun part of Halloween after trick or treating but what do you do with the seeds and flesh you've scooped out? I either make spiced pumpkin soup (ideal for when you get back from trick or treating) or risotto. To give mine a twist I roast my pumpkin seeds in the oven and sprinkle them over the risotto, this gives a different texture to your meal and a nice nutty flavour. And if you're stuck for a pudding try toffee apple crumble,

For the topping

200g flour
100g butter
50g sugar

Rub the 3 ingredients together until its like bread crumbs


1 can condensed milk
4 good size cooking apples

Boil your unopened can of milk in a pan for 2 hours, and let it cool completely, slice your apples and chuck them in your dish, normally I would sprinkle with sugar but the can of milk has now turned to toffee so just spoon it over your apples then cover with your crumble topping. Stick it in the oven on 160c for about 45 mins. 


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