Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Chocolate Cake

OK so everyone loves chocolate cake right? The trouble is that when you add cocoa powder it can become dry. Here is my recipe and method.


500g butter/Marge
500g sugar
500g self raising flour
8 eggs
75g cocoa powder
100ml oil

 Beat the life out of the butter sugar eggs and cocoa powder for a good 5 mins, gently old in the flour, if you mix it too hard it will ruin the gluten and the cake won't work. Chuck in your oil, pour your mix into your chosen cake tin or muffin cases and cook on 150c for 30 mins, depending on how deep your cake is. Check it by poking a skewer in the middle if it comes out clean its done. I top mine with a ganache. Basically melt chocolate in a bowl over hot water then lob in some cream until it gets to a sauce, when it cools it thickens. This is also great for making chocolate truffles just roll the cooled mix into balls and coat with anything you fancy. I use vermicelli cocoa powder and coconut.

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