Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Team

Right then its probably about time I said something about my team! I won't name them but I'll give you the low down on what they do. So there's me chef manager I do the early shift ( breakfast through to lunch ) and I've got a couple of food service assistants, one in at 7:30 am she helps serve the breakfast mid morning break and lunch then I have another FSA in at 9:30 am she helps wash up and throws together the salad bar and to be fair one of my most creative employees. Then we have the evening chef who does the afternoon snack and 3 course evening meal he also has 2 FSA's to help clean and wash up. I've also got a stand alone weekend chef. So not a massive team but all very adaptable and without their hard work and full support none of the changes I've made or my crazy ideas would come to life. So thanks guys I really appreciate it!!

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