Saturday, 17 November 2012

What We Make

OK so I was thinking its probably time I told you also the things we make in house.

It all started when I thought it might be a nice idea to make our own bread rolls for the table at dinner, then I thought well they like yoghurt so I'll make that as well and so we progress. Heres the full list

Bread rolls and most bread products ( pizza bases garlic bread, I'm working on croissants )

Cereal ( granola )

Greek yoghurt


Cream cheese

All of our cakes and biscuits

All our cold meat for the salad bar is cooked then sliced in house

By making these small changes we have complete control over quality and saves loads of money!!

Now we can afford to have things like smoked salmon on the salad bar and sirloin steak as a treat for dinner, I think that people tend to forget or just don't care what we feed our future. School shouldn't just be about educating the brain its the palate too.

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