Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pulled Pork Bap

OK so back to school this week after a lovely 2 week break!! As always thought I'd try them with something new to our menu.

So with Pulled Pork being "in" at the moment I decided to give it my twist, and I couldn't just stop at the pork so made a chilli bread roll lemon and black pepper green beans and garlic roasted new potatoes to go with it. Oh and a choice of home made spiced apple sauce or mustard mayo to go with it.

Here's how I did it.

For the Pork

In a roasting tin pop in your pork shoulder ( I used 10 kilo but I'm feeding 90 ).
With this I chucked in 10 cloves of garlic a couple of sliced onions some Chinese 5 spice and white wine vinegar ( just enough to cover the bottom of the tin this helps tenderise the pork ).

Cover with parchment paper then foil and bang it in the oven on 180c for 3 hours, then take off the foil and paper and cook for another hour. I know its a long time to cook but its a hard working piece of meat so needs it. 

When its get 2 forks and pull it apart so its like strands of meat. 

In a pan chuck in a couple of glugs of oil, add some sliced onion chilli flakes a sprinkle of sugar Chinese 5 spice and honey.

Fry them off till the onion has softened then lob in that pork you just pulled apart.

Season to taste.

OK so that's the hard bit, its a bit cheffy and does tasks a while but the end result is so worth it!

For the bread

Same as my previous bread mix with the addition of chilli flakes 

For the sides

Chuck your new potatoes straight in the oven with some garlic butter.

After you have cooked your green beans drain and whack on some olive oil lemon juice and cracked black pepper to taste. 

Not the greatest pics I'm afraid!

Have a crack yourself!!!

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