Thursday, 17 October 2013

Back to the Food!!!

So im guessing you are probably bored of hearing about awards and nights out, so heres todays lunch.
Slow Roasted Belly Pork
Ok so I took 12 kilos of boned belly pork and slapped it in the oven on 150c for a good 4 hrs.
Because the belly is fatty it needs time to render out the fat making the meat more tender.
After it was cooked I squashed it flat with another tin and a very large can of beans and let it cool. We have a blast chill so its cold in less than 90 mins. This makes the belly more even.
I then cut it up to about 85 decent portions. 45 mins before service I smacked the oven up to 200c to crisp up the skin and heat up the meat. It only takes about 30 mins but I wanted 15 mins resting time.
All that was left to do was slice potatoes and onions and cook off some veggies.
Job done and less than £1 a plate

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